Let us introduce you to your second home- guesthouse for short and long term accommodation for the senior citizens in the village of Blatná na Ostrove only 26 km from Bratislava!

Our company 1.SENIOR CITY, s.r.o. decided to create for the senior citizens, for our mothers and fathers, the so called second home. The mission is to create an environment for seniors, in which they will feel like at home and could not only become part of one harmonious community based on friendships and family relationships, but also will be fully and responsibly cared for.

In our guesthouse we offer short and long-term stay. We are glad to accommodate seniors who are in the best of their health as well as those who are handicapped.

We offer:

  1. standard accommodation in row houses

  2. possibility of accommodation of spouses in separate room with private bathroom

  3. complete medical and health care

  4. meals will be provided 5 times a day, including the possibility of diabetic, celiatic and gluten-free diet

  5. tea kitchen, fireplace, computer, internet, gardening, grilling gazebo, Hobby Corner

  6. daily shuttle service to and from Bratislava

  7. a rich cultural, social, relaxation program and many other activities for active recreation

  8. walks in a neighborhood park

  9. post office, food, church and bus stop within close distance

  10. education, language learning, computer courses and handicrafts

  11. We are the only guesthouse with its own farm for crop and livestock farming, and also provide hypotheraphy with horses

Come and see for yourself!

Become part of our big family. We are the partners of your retirement age and happy today and tomorrow.

We look forward to meeting you!

+421 904 63 63 63


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