For your convenience we provide a daily shuttle with our vehicles.

At the same time, we offer opportunities for active and passive recreation:

  1. Blatná na Ostrove - Bratislava 26 km

  1. Golf course in the village of Báč only 6 km     map

  1. Fishing grounds in the village of Dobrohošť only 8 km     map

  1. Fishing grounds in the village of Vojka nad Dunajom only 7 km     map

  1. Farm, workshop in the village of Trnávka only 2 km     map

  1. Hunting ground in the village of Kostolné Kračany only 13 km     map

  1. Swimming in the town of Dunajska Streda only 14 km     map

  1. Swimming in the city of Meder only 35 km     map

  1. Swimming in the town of Piestany only 91 km     map

  1. Swimming in the village of Podhájska only 97 km     map

  1. Theatre, shopping, zoo, thermal baths, markets in the city  Győr only 46 km     map

  1. Airports: Bratislava 30 km, Vienna 111 km, Budapest 168 km, Praha 370 km

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